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Lamo Jama’s inventive work with men in prison

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Lamo has worked with men in prison over a number of years. She has an extraordinary ability to win their trust and therefore to enable them to grapple with the challenges they will have in returning to their families.

She has also established herself as a trusted mediator between prisoners and their families. Lamo often speaks about her own experience of being a prisoner, experience which helps her illuminate the difficulties faced by others. She is one of several Phoenix star Facilitators.

This week, Lamo has been using role-plays to enable her prison groups to anticipate the reactions of families and friends when they return home after prison.

Three men play various roles of members of a family as they improvise an imagined scene upon homecoming. A valuable aspect of this exercise is that participants learn about each other's families, and they are thus able too lend each other insights about how to manage the negative perceptions so many have to confront .


Lamo in discussion with her prison group before they go to work on their improvised and dramatised situations about problems they imagine to await them when they return home. The working space available in prisons is always limited. Lamo has triumphed over such physical limitations.


Lamo herself participating in a dance session with American students and women prisoners, a session which she helped to facilitate.

“Voice Beyond the Walls”

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Ida Gartrell heads the “Voice Beyond the Walls” programme of Phoenix Zululand.


Ida has much expertise and experience in prison-based drama. Phoenix has a large collection of voice and radio programmes. Radio stations that have substantially isiZulu-speaking audiences are invited to apply to Phoenix to broadcast programmes and radio plays.


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