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Nonceba and some members of her team attend a Colloqium at the Constitutional Court

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Sasha Gear, Programme Director of Just Detention, and Nonceba Lushaba in conversation at the Colloquium


The Wits Justice Project hosted a colloquium entitled “It Could be You” on 17th May at the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg. The presenters all reflected on the experience of imprisonment from their different perspectives.

Ancillary to the Colloquium is a superb exhibition of photographs (continuing) of ex-prisoners taken by David Goldblatt. The photographs were all taken at the scenes of the deeds that got them jailed and each is accompanied by a brief text describing the event to which the photograph refers. Behind Sasha and Nonceba in the picture above is a photograph of Bongani Sithole, for some years a musician Facilitator with Phoenix.

David Goldblatt in a presentation at the Colloquium described his project and what it meant to him.



Nonceba discovers Tikkun Magazine

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Nonceba writes:

Through a LinkedIn group I found the Tikkun Magazine

Their winter issue deals with Restorative Justice and the articles at first glance seem very interesting. There seems to be a fair amount to do with art, lots of visuals there. Please could the Phoenix team tell me if they think I should subscribe to this.

There is an article by a person called Sujatha Baliga which seems intriguing so I conducted a wen search for her and found a webpage

She gave a lecture on Restorative Justice which she has posted on her site. It’s a voice clip and powerpoint presentation in one. It’s just over an hour so I haven’t listened to the whole thing but what I’ve listened to so far is great! It seems RJ in schools has managed to turn around the bad discipline and expulsion of youngsters from school and in circle processes they are able to resolve issues and not distrupt the peace and flow of the school.


The web site has a link to “Women Rising/Rising Voices” which even has some testimonials. It seems pretty similar to our own “Voices Beyond the Walls” project and is geared at women.


I should be grateful for Phoenix team thoughts about this material.



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