In ancient Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a bird that dies by its own act in a fire and then rises again from the ashes.

A restorative justice programme

Phoenix Zululand is a non-profit, non-government, donor-funded organisation based in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal.

For 15 years, with the cooperation of the Department of Correctional Services, Phoenix Zululand has offered programme work to inmates in 10 prisons in Zululand, to prepare inmates for re-integration into family, community and society.  

Phoenix Zululand was first established in 2003, with headquarters in Eshowe, KZN, as a Quaker-led initiative, in association with other societal interest groups, especially the Anglican Church of South Africa. Over the years, the organisation has developed a strong partnership with the Department of Correctional Affairs in strengthening their prisoner rehabilitation capacities, and in modelling processes of healing through restorative justice.

Up to Us

13 conversations for peace in South Africa

Phoenix Zululand looks forward to implementing a new programme – Up to Us – 13 conversations for peace in South Africa. Click here for more information.