Conversations in Families


The Conversations in Families programme gives inmates the opportunity to reflect on their families and on the effect of their imprisonment on families. It aims to lay the ground for a family conference.

The process aims to help inmates to build and re-build their family relationships as they once again take their place in the ‘home’.

Five conversations

The programme consists of 5 conversations:

  • Conversation 1 – What do we mean by ‘family?
  • Conversation 2 – Remembering our parents
  • Conversation 3 – Remembering our childhood
  • Conversation 4 – Remembering our children 9
  • Conversation 5 – Personal relationships
  • Preparing for the family conference

The programme ends with a Family conference. Members of your family will be invited to come together for a joint meeting. At this meeting family members will have the opportunity to meet and talk heart-to-heart about the impact of imprisonment for all, and their concerns, fears and hopes for the future.