Up to Us

13 conversations for peace in South Africa

The Up to Us programme aims to address violence and GBVF. It gives participants an opportunity to explore their identity, history, wrestling with the pain of the past and evaluating the influences on us as we grow up into adult citizens.

  • How/why does violence happen in South Africa?
  • How is it expressed within a gender framework?
  • What can we do about it?

Why do we need the Up to Us programme?

We are motivated in part by the appalling violence seen in KZN in July 2021. However, the programme seeks to explore the manifestation of violence in all spheres of South African life, the influence of drugs and alcohol influence, and how violence is expressed in the domestic and gender spheres.

Where will the Up to Us programme be implemented?

Our intention is to pilot this programme in our 10 prisons, as well as in prisons nearer the urban hubs of KZN. Importantly, the programme will also be piloted with local communities. The programme has not been written for prisoners only – it has been written for all citizens, affirming equal dignity.

Serving the Department of Correctional Services

Already the Up to Us programme has been embraced by the Department of Correctional Services. We have had to accelerate programme development to offer 200 DCS officials in the Education and Spiritual Care directorates to run the programme.

We need funds!

To get the pilot up and running, funding activities have been intensified. Applications are pending with two potential funders. However, we are seeking funding assistance, in part or whole, to help us roll out this pilot programme.

How can the Up to Us programme help you?

The material developed for the Up to Us programme will not be copyrighted. You are free to use it in your own spaces and places. All we ask is that you stay in touch if you would like to use the programme, and report on your progress.

We can also help you with the training of facilitators for the programme.

Please contact Phoenix Zululand if you would like to be sent an e-copy of the programme.

Sample material in the Up to Us programme